Current Pipeline

Acelot constantly aquires, curates, and analyzes large amounts of biological and chemical data to discover new and promising drug targets and small molecules that can act on these targets with high efficacy and minimal side-effects. This discovery effort is facilitated by Acelot’s proprietary computer-aided searching and data mining tools that are unique in the industry.

Currently, Acelot is exploring the following drug targets (click on targets to learn more):


Oliginh LXR

In order to identify additional targets for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurodegenerative conditions, Acelot combines novel biochemical pathway analyses with its proprietary 3D pharmacophore mining algorithms. This combination yields novel lead compounds holding the promise of strong efficacy and minimal side-effects while possessing the properties desired for oral bioavailability and blood-brain barrier permeability.

In addition to discovering novel drug leads, Acelot also investigates retargeting of known drugs for many of these targets.
Known drugs have the significant advantage of being extensively tested for side-effects and in many cases, are already FDA-approved. This significantly shortens the time to get treatments into clinical use.

With the first two targets in preclinical stages, Acelot is interested in partnering for further development of the discovered lead compounds. If you would be interested in working with us, please contact us.